Snack "Christmas snowballs"

An unusual snack "New Year's Snowballs" will instantly fly to the plates. Cooking such a delight is a pleasure.

Cooking time 25 minutes


Pitted black olives 10 pcs

Eggs 3 pcs

Hard cheese 50 g

Walnuts 50 g

Mayonnaise 3 tbsp l.

Garlic clove 2 pcs

Lettuce leaves for decoration

Parsley (herbs) for decoration

Salt to taste


Boil eggs in a steep one. Grate finely and place in a bowl. Add grated cheese, grated garlic and mayonnaise. Mix well.

Take some mass in clean hands, lay the olive tree and roll the ball. Do the same with the rest of the mass.

Grind the walnuts into crumbs.

Roll the balls in chopped nuts and refrigerate for a couple of hours.

Put on a platter with lettuce and herbs.

Serve to the New Year's table.

Happy New Year!