Pancakes with meat and rice

Pancakes with meat and rice, this is a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also freeze them for future use and quickly reheat them in the microwave if necessary.

Cooking time 40 minutes

Transfer the washed TM "Aleika" rice into a saucepan and pour cold water, so that it covers the rice. Cook, after boiling, over medium heat until cooked for 12-15 minutes.

Throw the finished rice in a colander and let the water drain.

Prepare 300 g minced meat and peel 1 onion.

Add the finely chopped onion and fry for 1-2 minutes.

Add 300 g of minced meat and cook for 15 minutes over low heat, stirring occasionally.

At the end add a pinch of ground pepper and 1/4 teaspoon of salt.

Add boiled rice to the frying pan with minced meat and mix.

Put the finished filling in a bowl and cool slightly.

For pancakes, break 3 eggs into a bowl.

Beat eggs and add 200 ml of milk.

And mix well the pancake dough with a whisk until smooth, so that there are no lumps.

Bake pancakes on both sides in a frying pan. Place the pancakes in a pile.

Put a couple of tablespoons of the filling on the finished pancake.

Wrap a pancake in an envelope.

Stuff all the pancakes and put in a pan, add 20 g of butter and fry on both sides for 1-2 minutes.

Pancakes with meat and rice are ready. Put the pancakes on a dish and serve.

Aleika's long grain rice is thin and almost transparent. Use long-grain rice for cooking, which will not only complement the taste and aroma of the dish, but also turn it into a real culinary masterpiece.

Bon appetit!