Mimosa salad"

Everyone's favorite puff salad "Mimosa" is so popular on every festive table. And for good reason, because this delicate salad with fish, cheese and eggs just melts in your mouth.

Cooking time 35 minutes


Potatoes 3 pcs

Canned fish (pink salmon, trout) 200 g

Cheese 100 g

Carrots 2 pcs

Eggs 3 pcs

Onion 1 pc



Boil potatoes, carrots and eggs until tender. Cool and clean.

Grate cheese.

Finely chop the onion and pour boiling water over for 5-7 minutes. Then pour ice water and dry.

Put a layer of grated potatoes in a serving ring, brush a little with mayonnaise.

Layer of mashed fish with fork.

A layer of grated egg whites and mayonnaise. A layer of onions.

A layer of grated carrots and mayonnaise.

A layer of cheese with mayonnaise.

Decorate with grated yolks and dill sprigs.

Let it brew for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator. Serve to the table.

Bon appetit!