Chicken legs in a puff pastry bag

Delicious chicken legs with potatoes in a puff pastry bag for a festive table.

Cooking time 1 hour


Puff yeast dough 400 g

Chicken drumsticks 5 pcs

Potatoes 4 pieces

Butter 30 g

Dill 1 bunch

Eggs 1 pc

Vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l.

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste


Rinse and dry chicken drumsticks. Season with salt and pepper, put in a pan with vegetable oil and fry on all sides until tender.

Peel and boil potatoes, salt.

Add butter and ceiling.

Add finely chopped dill and stir.

Roll out the dough into a layer and cut into squares.

Put mashed potatoes on a square of dough and put a drumstick.

Pinch the edges, tie with a thread.

Prepare the rest of the drumsticks in the dough. Put on a baking sheet covered with parchment.

Brush with a beaten egg and cover the legs from burning with foil or a piece of wet parchment.

Bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees C for 30 minutes.

Chicken legs in a puff pastry bag are ready. Cool slightly and put on a dish with herbs. Serve to the festive table.

Bon appetit! Happy New Year!