Stewed ribs in a slow cooker with tomato pulp

Ribs stewed in a slow cooker with tomato pulp, a delicious dish for a small company and a minimum of effort in cooking.

Cooking time 1 hour


Pork ribs 300 g

Mashed tomatoes 200 g

Red onion 1 pc

Carrot 1 pc

Lettuce leaves 1 bunch

Cilantro (greens) to taste

Salt to taste


Chop the ribs one at a time. Put in the multicooker bowl and turn on the "FRY" mode.

Cut the onion into half rings, coarsely cut the carrots into pieces.

Add onions and carrots to the sautéed ribs and cook for another 3-5 minutes.

Add tomato pulp, salt and a glass of water. Cook in the STEWING mode for 40 minutes.

Cool the finished ribs a little. Put on a platter with lettuce leaves.

Add cilantro greens and serve.

Bon appetit!