Omelet in the oven with broccoli and tomatoes

This step-by-step recipe will guide you through the oven-baked omelet with broccoli and tomatoes.

Cooking time 15 minutes


Tomatoes 1/2 pc

Broccoli inflorescences 3-4 pcs

Eggs 3 pcs

Vegetable oil 1 tbsp. l.

Milk 2.5% fat. 1/4 stack

Salt to taste


Cut the tomato into small slices, disassemble the broccoli into small inflorescences.

Fry vegetables in vegetable oil, salt.

Mix eggs with milk with a blender with the addition of salt.

Transfer the fried vegetables to a heat-resistant flat dish, pour the mixture of eggs and milk and place in an oven preheated to 180 C for 7 minutes.

Remove, turn over and put on a plate, garnish with herbs and serve.

Bon appetit!