Goose baked with apples


Goose 1 piece

Apples (green and sour) 3-5 pcs

Pepper mix

Vegetable oil 3 tbsp. l.

Soaked lingonberry 2 tbsp. l.

Water 1 stack.

Salt 2 tsp

Rinse and dry the goose carcass. Trim the tips of the wings.

Mix oil, pepper mixture and salt, mix well.

Grate the goose. Let stand for 1 hour.

Cut 2 apples into slices and stuff the goose carcass.

Sew up or pinch with toothpicks. Wrap the legs with foil. Transfer to a baking sheet and pour 1/2 cup water. Put in the oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees C.

Remove and pour over the melted fat. Put it again for 1 hour, and do not forget to water it with your own juice every 20-30 minutes.

Cut the third apple if it is large, or take several small ones. Remove core. Place the lingonberries in the middle and sprinkle with goose fat. Place in the oven next to the goose for 20 minutes.

If the skin of the goose will burn very strongly on top, it is advisable to cover the goose with a piece of foil. For the last 30 minutes, looking at the goose, try to pierce the leg in the thickest part, if the juice is clear, then the goose is ready. It all depends on the size of the goose. A goose weighing 2 300 g was cooked for 1 hour. 40 minutes. Don't forget to open the oven and pour your own juice on the goose. Transfer the finished goose to a dish, remove the apples from the carcass and place next to it. Garnish with herbs and apple and lingonberry.

Bon appetit and Merry Christmas!