Stuffed cabbage rolls with meat "Unusual"


Red cabbage 1 pc

Carrots (small) 1 pc

Pork 300 g

Boiled buckwheat 1 stack.

Egg 1 pc

Cream 20% fat. 1 stack.

Sweet ground paprika 1 tbsp l.

Parsley (greens) 1 sprig

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Put a roach of red cabbage in boiling water and cook, gradually removing the top leaves when they become soft.

Cut the carrots into small cubes and sauté.

Mix the egg with very finely chopped pork, carrots, boiled buckwheat. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

At the leaves, cut off the thick part flush with the rest of the leaf.

Put the minced meat on the edge of the sheet.

Wrap the minced meat in the leaves in the form of envelopes.

Fry cabbage rolls in vegetable oil.

Pour in half a glass of cream and simmer a little.

Prepare the sauce separately in a frying pan. Bring the other half of the cream to a boil, adding salt and paprika to taste.

Drizzle the cabbage rolls with creamy sauce when serving. Decorate with a sprig of parsley.